Saturday, October 02, 2004

Here Comes the Rain Again

How nice to awaken to beautiful, dark skies and a yard watered for free. I had no outdoor plans today, so this heavy rain is most welcome.
After a day to absorb all the post debate coverage, it's official: Bush was handed his ass by John Kerry.
Now I can admit I was pretty much an "anyone but Bush" voter, but after seeing Kerry so eloquent and poised during the debate, I have really developed a fondness for him.
Knowing America will need a ton of diplomacy to clean up the global wreckage of Bush's arrogant, unilateral policies, I can see Kerry accomplishing that.
Though for whatever reason the neo-cons have made the French out to be a bunch of sissified faggots who need a good ass kicking, they have been valued allies for a long time and some fence mending will be essential.
Kerry speaks fluent French- which will wow them from the start.
I still fail to see how speaking French, or any foreign language besides Spanish, could be considered a liability by the neo-cons.
Their love for the "average guy" as a president seems extremely stupid to me.
This is America, we need an exceptional person to be our president, not someone we know we are smarter than.
You think these big corporate giants who support Bush would hire him to run their companies?
Oh, hell no. They like him because he's stupid. They know that he'll do what he's told if they just give him money.
Forget candidates showing us their income tax returns- we all know they have to be rich to run for president. I say, show us your IQ scores!
Did anyone notice that, when he's standing up tall, Kerry looks like Lincoln?
And did anyone notice, when he's getting irritated and impatient, Bush really does look like an annoyed monkey? Don't take my word for it- see for yourself.

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