Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I know Rachel Maddow has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, I just think she's hot, and so does every straight female Blogger I know. Enjoy feasting your eyes on her.
For the first time in 8 years, we have something to be truly grateful for--a new president who has intelligence, dignity and superb leadership qualities.
I believe America will start to heal at last.
I'm grateful for my cool family. We all get along and have fun together, so that's where I'll be on Turkey Day.
I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday.



Unknown said...

Enjoy the time with your loved ones KZ. ;)

We are fighting off a bug here in Bako and it will probably only be myself and the ball n' perhaps I can get out of cooking? Fuck no...he still wants his turkey.

I adore Rachel and her wonderful self. Thanks for posting a pic of her.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the gift you left! I got busted by MathMan as I drooled over it.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family!


Anonymous said...

Hey KZD, enjoy your T-giving and thanks! I too am a *straight* that thinks Rachel is hot!

Best you & yours, girl!

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving to you and yours, karen, and to all of your wonderful readers, too!

Fran said...

Grateful for knowing you!!!

Enjoy and let's have a Rachel Maddow-fest!

Distributorcap said...

have a wonderful holiday

i like the black lab as well

Fran said...

ahh but Rachael did serve up a Thanksgiving editorial with a full serving of snark re the Bush admin & indictments & other uneasy exits.
She could not refrain from talkin' turkey (Bush).
She's thankful Bush is leaving-- me too.

Belated Happy T day to you

Anonymous said...

K... I hope you had a wonderful holiday.