Saturday, November 22, 2008

We Are in Trouble
A blogatorial by Karen Zipdrive

First the good news.
George Bush and the Republicans whose insane, corrupt policies drove this mess we're in are on the way out.
Now the bad news.
The same hapless group of Republicans already are blaming President Obama for the recession we're in.
Now, more good news.
Nobody believes anything those crooked bastards say anymore.
Barack Obama, to his credit, must have the confidence of a super hero to want the job of presiding over this critically ill economy.
The pundits on the right already are second guessing his cabinet choices, saying he's selecting a lot of the usual Washington DC insiders and therefore not implimenting all that change he spoke about on the campaign trail.
Fortunately, when Pat Robertson and Joe Scarborough and that crowd opine about anything, we can rest assured they are full of shit, as usual.
Still, make no mistake about it, it took the GOP more than eight years to run this country into the ditch, and it'll take President Obama more than four years to reverse the damage.
The good news is, people trust him to make sound decisions.
People believe in him.
And most important of all, I believe people in America are ready, willing and able to pitch in and help in any way they are asked.
President Obama, just tell us what you need us to do to help and we will. Just don't expect us to like Joe Lieberman ever again.


Lulu Maude said...

Well, the little dears have to have something to do, and now is no time to start telling the truth.

What's left of their credibility? They can piss it away if they want. Most folks will safely conclude that a guy who hasn't taken office yet can hardly have had the opportunity to wreck the economy...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Most folks will conclude that, but about 20% of all Americans will fall for anything the rightwing feeds them.

Anonymous said...

At least Barack Obama is choosing people for his administration who want to do the right things for this country. All George W. Bush did was start with Daddy's Rolodex and go downhill from there.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Ain't that the truth?
Bushie couldn't use his own Rolodex- all it had on it was Saudis, drinking buddies and dope dealers.

Anonymous said...

I was up at HuffPo watching trolls and Ron Paul supporters having fits about why Obama isn't fixing things yet? Simply mind-blowing. Not only do they expect him to affect policy before he's even in office, they think all the damage can be undone by waving some sort of magic wand, even though their own party couldn't do diddly squat to advance the U.S. in any significant way for 8 years.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for this upbeat post. I believe in it and in you.

Anonymous said...

When Obama said we needed change, I assumed he meant a change in policy - the way the US does business, generally. Now the R's are acting like "change"meant no former Dem's would ever again have jobs with Obama.

The haters hang on to their hate because that's how most of them make a living.

Anonymous said...

oh what fun to watch the rethugs try to figure out how they are going to save their party! they are speaking to the 20% who are so delusional that they will believe anything. too bad for them that that 20% have been further marginalized. they have no clout, except for small pockets of the country where they still think michele bachmann and sarah palin are righteous geniuses. they have no leaders, but that's okay, because they have no followers.

Anonymous said...

Even some of the people I know who voted for McCain seem to be rooting for Obama to make some real, positive change. I am pleasantly surprised.

Mauigirl said...

Karen, that is how I feel - that people really do trust Obama and feel he will make the right decisions.

Fran said...

The big O did not know the financial shit would hit the fan in the way it did, just before the election.
In a way Wall Street helped get Obama elected.
This total crisis mode reared it;s ugly head at the end of the campaign trail.

But he will surround himself with the best people & do his best to turn it around.

Nothin; like starting your term with Two wars, $11 trillion in debt, and a full blown recession.... but their change site already has stuff up on how they plan to get people working- restoring infrastructure, schools etc...

He gets it, that we need jobs for people NOW.

So much hope for a promising future to take our country back, and turn things around.

As for Lieberman..... maybe they will change the function of Homeland Security - the committee he chairs, to dog catcher.... sorry Joe we forgot to tell you!
He should have to show his alleged bipartisanship from nowhere land.
This IS his farewell tour..... no way he gets elected again.

Anonymous said...

Yet I heard the Dow's late Friday rebound was largely based on rumors that that O was going to pick New York Federal Reserve President Timothy Geithner as his Treasury Secretary. Funny how the lying sacks of shit still want to have it both ways. Just like they wanted to yell about Jeremiah Wright and call O a Muslim out of the same side of their mouth which is never a problem for the mouth breathing knuckle draggers they pander to. Except this time everyone else was listening in too and they kept getting taken to task on their b.s. which as anyone knows is verboten on Hannity, O'Reilly and Limbaugh's universe !!! I am enjoying this damn ride all ready and I don;t even have my safety bar down yet.

Unknown said...

Obama needs to make the hard unpopular decisions that all the butthurt assholes have time to get over them.

He will do what he can, but using all the old, Clinton holdovers doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy to be honest. I was hoping he would pull more folks from the educational system. It highly pisses me off that he hasn't.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why people are upset that Obama is drafting some of the people who served in the Clinton administration.
Did everyone forget that Clinton did one hell of a great job leading our nation when he was president?
The economy was so good back then, I got to work as a freelance writer at home in my pajamas for nearly 10 years.
Other than getting caught at having his dick sucked a few times, Clinton was a model president who chose a lot of competent people to be on his staff.
So there!

Unknown said...

I explained why loading his staff with former Clinton folks doesn't endear him to me...its not change, its recycled people.

You might base Clinton's term on purely financial considerations but I do not KZ. He was also the best Democratic President the Rethugs ever had in quite a few respects.

You and I have have been around this block a few times so I won't go into details on why I wasn't a fan of Billy Bob Clinton..and it had nothing to do with his sexual antics. ;p

But I do still heart you woman. :)

Anonymous said...

If Obama had chosen a bunch of bright young neophytes as cabinet members, people would have bitched.
He lacks deep experience in foreign affairs. He needed a savvy S of S who's been around the block a few million times.
People equate "change" with "all new."
I think what Obama meant by change is responsible, sane, rational, diplomatic and honest governance...for a change.
I heart you too, you Hillary bashing sucka.

Unknown said...

Now now KZ, I was one of the first to say Hill was a good pick for SoS!!!!

It gets her ass out of the Senate and Obama can control her where as the SoS, she will be delivering HIS message and HIS plans for the rest of the world. ;)

Unknown said...

Robert Reich, whom I trust says this is a good I will saunter off into the sunset, never again to bitch about the Clintonista's:

Anonymous said...

I read that article and like you, I think RR is a very bright guy. I'm so glad the little elf made a dent in your hostile Hillay hatin' history.

Anonymous said...

I still don't like Bill Clinton and it's not because he got his dick sucked, I could have cared less about that.

It's because he lowered emissions regulations, and ushered in SUVs. It's because he aided the genocide in East Timor. It's because he signed NAFTA and DOMA - yes, the Defense of Marriage Act.

I agree with Dusty when he says he's the best president the Republicans ever had. That being said, yep, the economy did well under him. But I am still completely wary of the guy, as a lot of what we are seeing (our jobs going overseas, etc.) can be tied directly to his policies (NAFTA, especially) and then there is the repeal of Glass-Steagal which also plays a part in the current meltdown.

I know dems hate to hear it but we are not 100% liability-free when it comes to the current state of things. Could anyone have fouled it up more than the shrub? I doubt it, unless Charles Manson had stolen the election instead.

The bottom line is that Bill Clinton damaged our civil rights more than any president in recent history, especially those of gay people, and he gets a total pass for it.

That bothers me.

I am not happy he selected Hillary as SoS but I hope that it turns out to work well.

I also hope Obama runs his own administration and doesn't give the Clintons too much rein.

Anonymous said...

Obama managed to decimate Hillary in the primaries--a feat nobody believed could have been done when the race began in earnest.
His selection of her as S of S was brilliant in many ways:
1. He appeased the angry Hillary acolytes
2. He chose a smart woman who's experienced in foreign affairs and well known and popular internationally
3. He sidelined her presidential aspirations by keeping her busy away from the Senate where she could initiate popular bills and make news that would pave the way for her presidential bid
4. He became her boss, and he can fire her if she doesn't enforce his foreign policies
5. She's very hard working and has the stamina to endure the rigors of the job
6. Bill will have to curtail any shady deals he might have otherwise made with foreigners
7. He essentially shot the finger at crazy Islamic fundamentalists who think women need to be draped, silent and docile
8. He's stimulating the economy in terms of increased pantsuit sales
9. He won Bill Clinton over by giving his wife a job that requires a ton of travel. While the cat's away...
10. He further united the Democrats by selecting a colleague who's popular with her peers and respected in the Senate

Unknown said...

Helen verbalized most excellently, all my angst about the Clinton administration.Thanks chica! ;)

You don't have to duck Zippy.I would never chuck something at you my sista in arms. :)

Anonymous said...

KZD: All really good strategic points/facts. Like I said, I hope it works out. I just don't like the Clintons much for the reasons I stated and, while that is mostly about Bill, not necessarily Hill, I also am still bristling about her vote for the war AND the 3 o'clock phone call fearmongering ad, which just made me livid.

I guess I just keep seeing the Clintons both as people desirous of power. When I saw Hillary with Obama, and started comparing and contrasting their way of relating to people and issues, that's when I got behind Obama. Hillary comes across much more self-involved.

On the other hand, I was also super angry (as I've said up here a few times) at the way the media treated her. That will always be something that I won't forget. Especially Tweety, who is still doing it now (this past week he was really over the top, I'm amazed the network didn't make him apologize).

All in all, I hope for the best, though. And we'll see!! (In less than 2 months OMG OMG OMG!!!)

OH and my word verification is "howabst" - which is close enough to "how apt" so I feel this comment has been already been approved by the word verification god.

Anonymous said...

KZD used the term neophyte which I think could describe the Justice System's appointments under Rove, Gonzo et al. I think stacking the deck with old Clintonians is a lot less cynical than putting up sheepish, careerists willing to do whatever they are told, the little gang of meat puppets like Monica F-ing Goodling, Sara Taylor (who thought her oath was to W. not the constitution) and that pasty Rove protege Tim Griffin, neither of whom are qualified to launder O's legal briefs. Bush brought Rumsfeld out of his cryotheraputic ice nap and look how well that worked out...