Monday, November 10, 2008

Transfer of Power Begins Today

Heh, heh, heh.
The media is all abuzz about the Obamas going to the Whitehouse today to meet the Bushes and take the tour of their new residence.
Media people are speculating about Bush still being sore at Obama about all his campaign speeches describing Bush's failed policies, etc.
Are they kidding?
Bush is at heart a fratboy, and therefore impermeable to name calling and insults.
I think Bush will be giddy with excitement today as he shows off the Whitehouse.
He'll giggle while showing Obama his Oval Office desk drawer filled with stink bombs, cigarette loads, whoopie cushions, rubber barf and dog turds.
Bush can take Obama to the kitchen and show him how many gallons of ice cream the freezer will hold. He'll pat Whitehouse Chef Christeta Comerford on the butt and say, "For a Filopena, I tell ya what, this gal makes a mean pot of Texas chili. Your people like chili, don't they Barry?"
He can show him the office supply cabinet and remind him that it's all free stuff, therefore great for stocking stuffers.
He can show him the Lincoln bedroom, and whisper that it's not actually the same mattress as Lincoln used.
He can take him down to the basement bowling alley and joke about how Black people don't bowl.
Then, at the end of the tour, Bush can get all serious and hand over his small metal box containing a dozen 3x5 cards.
"You'll need this, Barry. It's got all my secrets for acting presidential."


Lulu Maude said...

Then he'll shake his hand, squirt on a big gob of hand sanitizer, and hop away.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh, I read about Bush's addiction to hand sanitizer.
I hope Obama asks to use the Oval Office bathroom and leaves the seat down when he pees.

Distributorcap said...

kz - lol

i bet michelle is saying to barack -- we need to secretly sneak it someone to completely de-louse the place.

if she isnt, she should be

bush has ONLY one legacy to salvage -- that he makes it easy for obama to transition -- and i am sure both Condi, his wife and his bitch of a mother are making sure of that.

if i were obama i would bring a camera and take pictures of everything to make sure it is still there on Jan 21

Unknown said...

LOL distributorcap.

I have some Lysol Michelle can have.

Comrade Misfit said...

One minor quibble, really minor:

"Whitehouse" is the name of a senator from Rhode Island.

"White House" is where the president resides.

(I know, pretty freakin' minor. But it still bugs me.)

Anonymous said...

Bush will definitely point out where Clinton got the blow job. You just know it.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, dcup, exactly. I was thinking the same thing.

themom said...

dcup got it right...Bush is probably booby-trapping the house, now that Obama has had his only visit before moving in.

Anonymous said...

chimpy is too busy trying to remember where he hid all of his porn to play pranks.

Anonymous said...

White House. I got it. Thanks.

Unknown said...

The Obamas better check that place for bugs before they move in... electronic ones I mean!!!