Thursday, November 06, 2008

Whoo-eee! I Smell Moose Roasting

I knew the GOP would start the blame game the minute McCain lost the election, but I didn't know they'd pile on Sarah Palin quite as heartily as they have.
I know by now nearly everyone has read the details, but I cannot resist rehashing them.
News of her appearing out of the shower in a towel when male McCain staff came to her hotel room to discuss strategy was especially delightful--that's a trademark Borderline Personality move. Classic!
Then the description a McCain staff member gave of her shopping sprees: "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast." Hillbillies?!? Can it get any funnier?
Seems they originally told her to go out and buy three suits and hire a stylist, but instead she went on a spree for her whole family of grifters, "spending tens of thousands more than the $150,000 originally reported."
She even had staff members put some of the purchases on their personal credit cards, for which they are now seeking reimbursement from the RNC. What, the Palins have no credit cards of their own? Hillbillies indeed!
And predictably, some of the purchased clothing now has been reported as "lost" (insert gales of laughter here).
Besides soaking the party for a family shopping spree of a lifetime, it seems disgruntled McCain staffers also have leaked that Palin didn't know Africa was a continent, nor could she name which three North American countries comprise NAFTA. I bet they even spotted her "America" and let her look at a map.
We've all heard by now that McCain came to deeply regret his hasty choice of a running mate, but now we know he could barely stand to speak to her.
When she asked to make a farewell speech on the night McCain made his concession speech, McCain campaign strategist Steve Schmidt told her thanks, but no thanks. Well, I made that last part up. I'm sure it was more like, "Fuck NO!"
Some lightweight broadcast "journalists" have asked Palin about her plans for a 2012 run for president, allowing her to be coy, bat her eyelashes and stop just short of poking her finger into an imaginary dimple and winking.
My dilemma is this.
How will I deal now with people who tell me they still like her?
Is it okay to tell them they are gullible, ignorant AND stupid, or should I just pick one option?
Would slapping them be too much?
How about pointing at them and bursting out in a great guffaw?
I know, the rank and file RNC hates the bitch by now and there's no way they'll let her get on the 2012 ballot, but I still cannot resist the urge to trash her as often as possible.

On some other blog comments boxes, I have opined and been charged with being bitter and unable to get over it and move on. "You act as if your candidate lost," one said. "Calling Palin a cunt is wholly inappropriate," another said.
I guess they think Bush's sudden amiability toward President-elect Obama and McCain's humble concession speech should make all of us accept them and let bygones be bygones.
Oh, I'll get over it and soften in due time, I'm sure.
I think that having to endure eight years of Bush and nearly two years of campaign invective and vitriol from the Republicans should allow me to stay angry for--oh, say a full year after Obama is sworn in and takes office.
I really doubt the GOP will rise to the challenge of restoring bipartisan dignity and civility for which Obama has already set the example.
Just today they were bitching about Obama selecting Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff, like it's their fucking business.
The last eight years have intensified the dislike I have for Republicans. Unless they can start conducting themselves like respectable civil servants, people like me will always be around to poke them with a sharp stick.
Besides, Sarah Palin IS a cunt!


Jess Wundrun said...

Well, I do think the republicans were concerned about how we felt about Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, Don Rumsfeld, Sam Alito, et. al. getting the nominations. 'Cuz none of that pack are hard hard right.

te he.

Don't forget we need to watch to see what month young Bristol births that Zamboni baby. I'm still saying late January...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Well, at least our criticism of those dorks you mentioned had some merit since they were in positions to affect our lives.
The Chief of Staff position has zero to do with our lives. They just decide which scumbag politicians get in to see the president.

As for Baby Zamboni, you got that right. That's the phoniest story in political history.

Lulu Maude said...

I'm thinking of sending one of those color-in-the-country maps of Africa with a box of crayons to the governor's office in Juneau.

I figure she'll go after Tedley's senate seat once he's kicked out of DC, and I want to get her up to speed.

Maybe a series of maps, actually... she could probably review Asia and South America, after she finishes coloring the mighty Nation of Africa.


Lulu Maude said...

p.s. Bill Kristol still has a big ol' boner goin' for her.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the advertising, dusty!
what really surprises me more than anything is that anyone is surprised that princess didn't know any of this. she has no intellectual curiosity about anything that doesn't have to do with her getting a direct benefit. she thinks she is charming enough to skate through anything and everything. i am just sorry that the she wasn't humiliated enough during the interviews that she deigned to give. at least now, we can enjoy the anticipation of the rethugs who will be running in 2 years being totally embarrassed when it is brought up that they completely supported princess.

heals. said...

I'm one of the "other" commenters mentioned.

Karen, how was I censoring you? I don't get it.

You called me high and mighty. All I was doing was expressing my opinion about the tone and anger of your comments. If you can share your opinion, why can't I?


themom said...

To see Palin with the media in Alaska, acting like she has been mistreated by the "elite" media, acting holier than thou - but she could go across this country spouting lies and distortions - she deserves what she gets.

Unknown said...

Karen, great post!! Hilarious vitriol. I share it, and then some. That woman is so full of hate and now she's going to be trying to muscle her way back into the political world. I say open season on her never closed.

As Dusty says, just point and laugh at Failin' supporters. "She's pretty" isn't a reason to elect her to any office, the woman is a dolt.

And as much as I despise that intellectual wasteland w/a beehive, I despise the weasely and horrid way the GOP threw her under the bus. She wasn't easy to handle because of her stupidity (goin' rogue and sayin' stuff she wasn't supposed to, dontcha know *wink*) but in retrospect, calling her fam Wasilla Hillbillies and sending an attorney to Alaska to take back her clothes is just nasty and wrong, I think. Notice the uber-misogynistic GOP turns on the women in their party at the drop of a hat. Remember Katherine Harris, who helped the shrub steal it in 2000? When she outlasted her usefulness, they tossed her under the bus too.

And yeah, until the GOP actually learns to govern rather than spend every effort and dollar tearing dowon someone else, I will continue to despise them and shun anyone who supports what has become the party of hate.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Helen the GOP ALWAYS throws its wimminfolk under the bus.
I don't feel the least bit sorry that the GOP is sending lawyers into Alaska to reclaim the stuff they paid for.
The Palins are common hillbilly grifters and it's better the GOP exposes them now and defuses her narcissistic political aspirations before they gain any traction.
I have no sympathy for women who choose to belong to the GOP party.
The GOP hates women unless they can be useful to them.
Anyone who's a woman or a minority is crazy to align themself with this group of racist mysogynists.

dguzman said...

No, we're not acting as if our candidate lost. We're acting as if our next president is going to have to waste a whole lot of time undoing the fuckery that was the Bush Administration. That time could be better spent on leading this country, but thanks to Chimpy and Cheney, Obama's going to need years to turn this thing around. So THAT'S what we're angry about, and we're STAYING angry, bitchez!

Matthew Hubbard said...

If Obama wants bygones to be bygones, that's his option.

If his Attorney General is somewhat less forgiving, that would be a good thing in my book.

A very good thing.

Anonymous said...

There must be accountability. Otherwise, what's the point of our Rule of Law?

Anonymous said...

I've had to endure some adoring Palin fans too. I tell them I like her very much too because she helped my guy Obama win by a landslide. And furthermore, I encourage Palin fans to start campaigning NOW for her to run for President in 2012.

One thing about poor kin and trash like Palin, once you let them in the door its almost impossible to throw them out. She's been invited in for supper in the fancy eatin' room and I for one hope she stays forever.

Come on Zip, how can you even hold it together with a story that includes the R's have to fly up to Alaska to retrieve a bunch of damn used clothes from their VP nominee?

I believe Keith and Rachel both said it best when they said that Sarah Palin is "the gift that keeps on giving" HA

Anonymous said...

So may I caption this pic : Palin porn lookalike takes McCain lookalike money shot square in the left eye -- you betcha that smarts...

Distributorcap said...

someone i work with - actually a good work friend but a big time republican - and someone i actually thought was a reasonable republican (he hates bush) -- said palin would be a much better president that biden

needless to say we dont talk much anymore