Thursday, November 20, 2008

Palin: Thanksgiving Schlimazel

Hoo boy.
It seems publicity hungry Sarah Palin decided she'd appear in Wasilla and pardon the turkey (Hey...I thought only presidents did that!)
Anyway, being without the savvy national Repugnican PR flaks at her beck and call, apparently nobody bothered to check the background scene as she gave her chipper seasonal interview to the media.
She may have pardoned some turkey, but it must not have been either of the gobblers getting beheaded in the background.
I loved how she said she'd probably end up being criticised for this "fun event"--just as one turkey's head was being removed.
And the ending was classic.
After going through the cliche pardoning of the turkey, she said she was in charge of roasting the turkey for her family this Thanksgiving.
Sheesh! Remind me not to ask for a gubernatorial pardon in Alaska. I wouldn't want to end up with little Piper gnawing at my drumsticks.


Karen Zipdrive said...

That's a Burberry scarf she has on. I wonder if the GOP lawyers forgot to collect it when they swarmed to Alaska to get their stuff back?

Anonymous said...

only princess can manage to look even dumber than usual when surrounded by turkeys. birdbrain. the biggest favor she can do for herself is to shut up. however, she's too arrogant for that.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Just when we thought nobody could be more arrogant or delusional than Bush...
He must be thrilled about Palin's pardoning of the turkey going south--takes some of the sting out of his turkey pecking him in the crotch!

Anonymous said...

It would be impossible to caricature her and make her look any more stupid than she manages to make herself look.

I hope Alaska voters have been paying attention, and act accordingly.

Fran said...

Great was the word of the interview
greater appreciation

great appreciation x3
great country
price of oil plummeted *so greatly*.

Building this team that is continually being built.

She's making' sure those lawmakers do not *spend spend spend* (like her clothes shoppin' spree?)

Get away from heavy handed politics....
Like inciting racist hatred??


I watched in horror of the trough of blood and the turkey shaking the whole rack as it's blood is drained after being beheaded.

Beauty queen classic ending remark " so happy to be here" while the slaughter goes on behind her!

She's in charge of the turkey..... what can I say???


Anonymous said...

fran, i am quite impressed. you actually listened to what she said? i didn't hear a word. i was too fascinated by the visual.

karen, try this out. go to:

put in the url to your blog, and it will analyze it and tell you what kind of blog you have. i kept getting different answers with different posts. it's still pretty cool though.

Anonymous said...

My Blog is "the doer," whatever that means. Thanks, Nonnie.

Fran said...

At least you are not "the decider", Whew! That's a bad rap.

zoe said...

An Alaskan blogger (Mudflats) said she showed up in single digit weather in a short black skirt and high heels. Yes, and some swag, as Karen pointed out - the stolen Burberry. Yeah, and what's that rats nest on the top of her head.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I had the television on this morning and they showed this on MSNBC (News You Can't Use on Morning Joe). I had the sound turned down and music was playing.

Now I can't bring myself to listen to her words because the mental image of the background activity and her jaws flapping in time to the music are burned in my brain. If I have to have her in my brain, why ruin it with her voice?

Anonymous said...

That some great stuff!
What a dumbshit!

Jess Wundrun said...

Honestly, wasn't that a Monty Python skit from the 70's?

You change the accent and there's no believing that it's not.


(I just saw this at Buzzflash and headed over here because I KNEW you'd have it!)

Anonymous said...

haaaa the scarf yes I wondered about it too it;s a knock off called Dingleberry availaable only outside the contiguous 48.

Distributorcap said...

i actually listened to here. Palin may be the 2nd most stupid politician/human ever in the US (the first is now MIchelle Bachmann - who is now DENYING she ever said anything about anti-american dems, videotape be damned)

back to palin -- more and more i am convinced she will be a footnote in history. i am gonna lay a bet right here at pulp friction - she wont even win the governorship in 2010.

when george bush is smarter than you, you know your public life is short term.

as for the video of the turkey - jess got it right, this is classic monty python

Anonymous said...

It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion and I couldn't look away. She's purposely messing with our minds, she can't possibly not know how hilarious/horrible this was. She even said at the beginning that probably she'd be criticized for the video. She's gaslighting us.

I'm thinking Britney and Palin are sharing a publicist that truly believes there's no such thing as bad press.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Most of y'all don't know my Big Sis in person, but she loves that phrase 'gaslighting,' taken from the 1944 movie "Gaslight," where the villian played by Charles Boyer did everything he could to make his wife think she was going crazy.
In Palin's case, however, I don't think she's gaslighting us. I think she's just the typical wilderness hick politician who's never had to watch what she says and does in public because nobody in Alaska gives a shit about politicians.
In the glare of the more civilized, sophisticated audience down here in the lower 48, her backwoods hickatude is just more obvious.
She has a degree of native intelligence, she's just not well educated or well read enough to think or speak intelligently.
If she wasn't good looking, she never would have made the Wasilla city council.

Unknown said...

I truly think she was set up by the press involved. They actually asked if any programs were on the CHOPPING BLOCK and c'mon, they are professionals, and they had her stand there? I love it. They probably knew they'd have a major viral YouTube winner here.

Yeah you couldn't make a parody this good. Sadly, I can't watch it for the comedy relief because I'm too sensitive. I wish someone would re-enact it using fake birds (helloooo SNL??) so I could truly enjoy the brilliance of this.

It's beyond stunning to me that anyone could be so utterly disconnected.

And yeah, who did her hair? The A-rab lady from McCain's Town Hall?

Anonymous said...

I looked it up. That scarf runs about $150 retail.
Methinks one cannot find a Burberry scarf on the deep discount table at her favorite consignment shop in Moosehole, Alaska.
Too bad we can't see her ermine panties and diamond encrusted bra.
God I loathe hayseeds.

Unknown said...

If you loathe hayseeds now, you'll want to kill them on site after getting a load of this:

A Thanksgiving Appreciation psa for Ms. Moosemeat

Holy shit.... I thought it was going to be a parody but horrfyingly enough, it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Okay Helen, I watched that video and I'm scratching my head wondering what the hell they were thinking.
Why would she need a sappy, cornball, aggrandizing PSA like this? How creepy can she get?
When you think about it, it's really pathetic for her to okay this kind of schlock.
Her fans in the video all have that glazed expression like the wingnuts who attend John Hagee's Megachurch.
She's another Jim Jones or Fred Phelps. Scares the hell outta me that people believe in a phony asshole like her.

Unknown said...

I doubt it was Palin that actually put it out there but who knows, I didnt' really research who those people are? In any case, it still obviously shows you the types that love her... lol @ glazed expressions, that's perfect.

Whoa, if she is bad as Phelps can you imagine the horror? If she's like Jones at least maybe she'd leave the country w/em... or lure them all up to some compound in Alaska. Now that i wouldn't mind.

Freida Bee said...

I just can't decide which is grosser.

That guy in the background is funny. I think he knew, "Hey, you guys might not want to film here. I'm beheading turkeys and draining their blood into this bathtub" (gross), but Palin doesn't even notice animal slaughter behind her or the irony and she was almost President (gross). ('Cause it will be interesting to see what McCain's health is like at the end of this turn. Of course, he's got socialized medical care- unlike us lowly peons.

dguzman said...

She's an ignorant creepy freak. I wish one of those poor turkeys had escaped and attacked her on-camera! Now THAT would be news you could use!