Sunday, November 23, 2008

What Would You Choose For Your Last Meal?

I came across an article where researchers interviewed a bunch of prisoners and asked what their last meal would be.
Funny thing, asking people what their last meal would be and what three CD's they'd take if they were stranded on a desert island are my two favorite small-talk questions.
The prisoners frequently opted for fried chicken, burgers, ice cream, mashed potatoes and other comfort foods. Ho hum.
I have several last meal menues, but I think I'd end up selecting an amuse-bouche of seared ahi tuna with black sesame seeds in a light teriyaki glaze.
The entrees would be panko-crusted colossal gulf shrimp in a lemony butter sauce, a fresh Maine lobster tail and a filet mignon.
Sides would be a fully stuffed baked potato, just-picked corn on the cob and fresh green peas. For dessert I'd have creme brulee, warm apple crisp with a lot of cinnamon and fresh whipped cream, and a slice of flourless warm chocolate cake with a fresh raspberry coulis.
And what the hell, they could throw in some Oreos, too.
My beverages would be a 1971 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, a 1978 Wente Brothers Arroyo Seco Reisling, a bottle of Mumm's red stripe champagne, a glass of cold whole milk and an icy cold bottle of Canadian Music glacier water.
Then I'd finish it all off with a cup of freshly ground Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, a nice snifter of 100-year-old cognac and a big Cuban cigar.
Now, use your imaginations and tell me what you'd select.


Unknown said...

Mango Ice Cream, boneless buffalo wings with real blue cheese dressing, asparagus,Brown rice and anything else I craved at the end.

Its weird I know..but am I ;)

Anonymous said...

What, no beverages?

Fran said...

That is a tough one. I can't imagine that I would want to eat! And trust me - I never miss a freaking meal.

I must think about this.

Unknown said...

Ok, the best CALIF chardonnay money could buy. ;)

Anonymous said...

A hand-made pizza made with garlic-basil crust, with a lot of tangy sauce, about 1 inch thick mozerella, topped kalamata olives, serrano and bell pepper, and mushrooms. Gourmet light french fries with garlic mayo for dipping, OR garlic mashed potatoes. A nicoise salade w/out the tuna (you may have figured out by now I'm vegetarian) topped with a mustard/lemon vinegarette dressing, and a bottle of Wyndham Estate Show Reserve Chardonnay 2005, A bottle of Dom Perignon, and a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola Claret. Then for dessert it would have to be chocolate torte, Coffee Bean's best house java, topped with whipped cream, and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. A nice glass of Grand Marnier to top it off and, although I quit smoking years ago, I think at that juncture a couple of puffs would be a nice capper.

If I think about it longer I bet I change my mind on some of the things but the pizza + Chardonnay stays.

Mauigirl said...

I like all of the suggestions! Your meal is pretty much what I'd like - filet mignon and a lobster tail, fresh corn on the cob (I'd skip the peas), fluffy baked potato with butter.

For dessert I'm torn between strawberry shortcake (the real New England kind, with a biscuit, not spongecake), strawberry rhubarb pie, and coffee ice cream. I also love mango ice cream. Sigh. I can't decide.

Anonymous said...

Chicken fried stead from Tip Top Cafe, horseradish mashed potatoes with real cream gravy, fresh corn on the cob/real butter, a side of black eyed peas, hot yeast rolls and an A&W root beer float. A wedge of our Mama's apple walnut cake for dessert and glass of ice cold milk. Then I'd like to sit back in my fat and carb stupor and sip a Jack and Ginger and smoke a nice Macanudo before they slipped me the needle.

Anonymous said...

Chicken fried steak - sorry I was drooling as I typed.

Anonymous said...

I'd be in trouble because I could never decide. I'd want bites of this and that including, but not limited to:
Frische's Big Boy cheeseburger with extra tartar sauce; a slice of Adreani's Special pizza; mashed potatoes; my grandma's black cherry jello, my mom's green beans, a slice of fresh tomato, a small bag of Utz's potato chips, Barq's root beer, some Rodney Strong Cabernet 1997, a couple of bites of filet oscar, a couple of bites of a Super Dawg with fries and a sip of a chocolate malted, a bit of chocolate cream pie and a slice of white cake to finish. Oh, and hot chocolate.

Not mpossible.I've tried consuming all this in a day and almost achieved it.

Anonymous said...

funny you should ask, for 2 reasons. first, i went to the supermarket earlier tonight, and i noticed something on the shelf i had never seen before. i didn't know whether to gag or laugh. this is what i saw. i think the company might need an advertising consultant.
second, it's funny that the word verification word right now is belly! fitting, huh?
as for my last meal, i am not sure, but i think for my beverage, i would choose a 2058 chateau lafite rothschild. i don't even like wine, but i'll be dead by 2058, so the joke would be on the exectioners!

Anonymous said...

I'd like the recipe for the chocolate cake. :) And, I'd like a slice of it with that ground Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

okjimm said...

Last Meal?
Daryl Hannah.

But only if served with tartar sauce.

dguzman said...

Holy shit, girl--you're just as big a foodie as Matty is!

I probably wouldn't have a last meal--unless it was a margarita made by my favorite bartender at Lucile's Bistro in Fort Worth. YUM.

Distributorcap said...

i am with dg --- a margarita

Anonymous said...

A big plate of arroz con gandules with slices of a marinated pork shoulder roast, known in Latino circles as Pernil. Throw in a few pints of a good beer (that means NO Budweiser, Coors or Miller) and I'll be ready for the checkout counter of life.