Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adios, You Annoying Dimwit

It seems Elisabeth Hasslehog may be leaving "The View" to anchor "news" at Fox News channel, where her neo-con numbscullery will be more welcome.
First, she appears on CBS reality show "Survivor," where she ate bugs and scratched mosquito bites in a filthy bikini.
Then, Barbara Walters chooses her to join the cast of The View as the token right-wing idiot.
So of course she's qualified to become a news anchor at Fox- she's blonde, under 40 and stupider than even George Bush. At Fox, there is no journalism experience required--in fact, it would be a hindrance.
I'm happy for her.
That way I can ignore the bitch the same way I ignore Fox News 24/7. I say keep all those fascist neo-con idiots corralled on one cable TV station.
I just hope Rupert Murdoch makes her put out.


Fran said...

Dcap will be very sad, he loves her. hahahahhahahahha - how I kid!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

don't forget all that important experience she got on the style network when she hosted dress for less! talk about yer gravitas!

Jess Wundrun said...

Hey, maybe I'll turn on the View to catch her crappy act before she goes.

She didn't piss me off quite as much as the gentle pass she kept getting from Whoopi et. al. I mean, they tried to school her on her racist viewpoints to which she was oblivious, but they never called her out (when I was watching) on her bullshit claims like 'Obama flip flops, McCain never does'. Or that McCain's Hagee problem was no where near as scary as Obama's Rev. Wright problem. I do wonder what she's been saying about Sarah Palin's church.

Anonymous said...

would you like some lemonade?

Anonymous said...


Lulu Maude said...

Eliz and Rupert... ewwww.

Unknown said...

Sex w/Rupert? o my gawd.

Fran said...

That is one cunt I will not miss on the View show. She could not just make a point using intellect (for hell's sake she was defending Republicunts!) But would always get argumentative & insist her opinion was the only right one. So many times the co hosts looked like they wanted to deck her .

We'd have to rely on Whoopie to say-- Lets go to commercial break= while we get duct tape & make her shut up!!!