Friday, September 26, 2008

A Steaming Pile of Shit.

I've been trying to think of a way to frame my disgust over McCain's flagrant lies, gimmicks and pseudo-drama, not to mention Palin's ever-expanding gaffes, moronic statements and general cuntiness...then it hit me.
Some things are so obvious, it's hard to describe them in words without stating the obvious.
You see a pile of shit on the road and you might say, "Pee YOO" or "That stinks like shit!"
You are stating the obvious, so it may be best to just suffer in silence.
You watch a guy picking his nose at a red light and you say, "Look at that guy picking his nose! Does he think we can't see him? GROSS!"
Another obvious reaction. It might be better to nudge and point, then snicker.
You see a 400-pound woman eating a banana split and you say, "Oh my God! How can she do that to herself?"
Some things are so damned obnoxious and obvious, words are not necessary because nobody likes to see fresh shit, or nose pickers, or gross stuff in general.
Likewise, nobody likes to listen to bad liars, phonies or dumb people pretending to be smart.

So, here's what I've got to say about the McCain/Palin ticket.

If anyone in America still plans to vote for these two fucking liars and fools, it's because they can't or won't vote for a Black man.
What else could it be?
It's because their racial hatred and intolerance trumps their love of nation, their common sense and their sense of decency.
Anyone who votes for McCain & Palin is an intolerant, racist, steaming pile of shit--voting AGAINST Obama rather than for the doddering old fart and his stupid cunt of a running mate.


Unknown said...

Hot damn, you really got that off yer chest KZ. ;)

And yes, a majority of the McCunt votes will be against Obama rather than for McCunt.

Fran said...

It does stink - like that steaming pile of shit that you mention.

Imagine my surprise however, when I was reading a Catholic institutional blog and came across this gem- who would ever think that I would find myself in remote, but yet agreement, with Kathleen "Stinking Pile of Shit of her own" Parker.

Randal Graves said...

I love undecideds, especially at this late stage in the circus. They're so comical.

Anonymous said...

Zip and I recently talked to a couple of Austin cab drivers, and of course Zip asked them who they were going to vote for. We were smiling because we figured these long haired, old Austin liberal looking dudes would certainly say Obama. But instead, one of them said he's known of McCain for 16 years so he trusted him. The other one said he was going to vote for McCain because Palin is a mom and that's all he needed to know. These weren't idiots, they were both articulate.

We've heard about people coming up with lame excuses to vote for McCain or saying they're "undecided." But these guys hit us with the reality of it. Some people just won't admit they don't want to vote for a black man. The indecision comes from trying to figure out a plausible justification for why they'd rather vote for an old hateful white man and his ignorant side kick, than a brilliant, thoughtful young black man.

Unknown said...

Bigsis..your right..and what this tells us is racism is alive and well in America..and the Democratic Party.

So fucked up..

Katie Schwartz said...

I completely agree with you. At this point, anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a racist. Intellectually and objectively, I cannot get my head around anyone who would consider voting for McCain / Palin. Shit, their own party is upset about the ticket. They're speaking up about it plenty.

I know a slew of republicans who are voting for Obama/Biden.

Anonymous said...

Zip, how the heck did know exactly when to show up with your camera to catch Palin's reaction when she read Kathleen Parker's article about her? From the looks of the steam I guess its gettin' nigh onto winter up in Ak.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Another great post. I think there is RAMPANT cognitive dissonance abounding in this country right now. People who didn't know they are racists are just discovering it. One of my hopes is that the reverse bigots (and there are many) who unfortunately run with racist crowd and profess to love McLame will secretly vote for Obama. You know, the cowards.