Saturday, September 20, 2008

"This Is No Time For Partisanship."
-George W. Bush

Yesterday when Bush decided to come down from Mount Clueless and speak about the mammoth Federal bailouts he's offering all his fellow Scull n' Bones buddies in the corner offices, he was certain to punctuate his brief statement with, "This is no time for partisanship."


Nope, this is not about bipartisanship failure, it's about eight years of Republican dominance in the Executive Branch and six years in both Houses.

Yesterday on my ride down the elevator at work, I met a man who disagreed with my quip that the slow moving elevator was probably McCain's fault. He then followed me outside where we engaged in a highly partisan debate.

So crazy wrong was he on every issue, I finally said, "Sir, I don't mean to be disrespectful by laughing in your face, but frankly I don't see how you can keep a straight face yourself."

I finally ended it by shaking his hand, introducing myself and saying good luck. I resisted the urge to punch him because I didn't want to further injure his brain.

Partisanship is what got us into this mess. Republicans put party before country and cronyism before everything.

Fortunately, I did manage to convince a young married woman whom I met in the ladies' room later that day that Palin's extremist views would put women back to making 33 cents on the man's dollar. I added that she'd better stock up on birth control, because under Palin more and more pharmacists would have the legal option not to dispense it. Then I garnished it by saying she better never get raped and conceive, else she'd add a rapist's baby to her brood.
She told me she was a financial planner.
I asked if that involved working with clients who had finances to plan beyond those they needed for basics like food, clothing and shelter.
She got my points.

Bush managed to squander the budget surplus Clinton left us, then rack up astronomical, insane deficits. He ruined an economy that was in good shape.
With McCain backing Bush more than 90 percent of the time, imgine what he'll do to an economy already in tatters.
Or even worse, imagine what President Palin might do.


Randal Graves said...

Never any time for partisanship when they fuck up.

Sadly, the diabolical illusion of unregulated free markets being a good thing is now never going to go away because the word 'socialism' will never ever be uttered by any talking hairpiece.

It doesn't work, people, and no politician has the sack to say exactly that. And while we're at it, can we please raise the top tax rates to what they used to be years ago?

Fran said...

I am soon to post something where McCain recently said that deregulating the health care industry, as we have in banking would cure (cough cough) the ills of the system through some rigorous competition.

Same shit different day, shit still stinks.

Now all of a sudden McCain is the anti-Wall St guy and somehow Obama is in the pocket of Wall St. WTF?

And Bush is clueless beyond clueless.

But you knew that!

Fran said...

PS - and who am I not to admit defeat?

You were right Ms Karen Zipdrive Smartypants, I can't stay away from politics on my blog.

So there. I stand corrected.

Ms FranIam Whinypants

Anonymous said...

Hoo boy, if you missed Bill Maher last night you need to find someone who taped it or can get it on demand. I have a new hero in Naomi Klein ("The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism"). Not only did she brilliantly summarize why the R's embrace disaster, she said Palin was Bush in drag. She went on to list their common beliefs.

Great show except wil i am was slow on the uptake, but I believe his hat was to blame for that.

Anonymous said...

oh, karen, you missed you chance with the moron in the elevator. that was your opportunity to fart and to make believe that he was the one who did it! he could deny it all he wanted, but you could have convinced him he was the source of the befoulment (you would have been safe, since our own farts always smell pretty damned good to ourselves). not only would you have distracted him from his blathering, but you might have been able to fumigate his brain.

Distributorcap said...

i am feeling good for a change..... people are waking up and seeing that palin (yes she is on top) and mccain are clueless on th economy

and lately-- food triumphs all


Jess Wundrun said...

A rightie that I spar with from time to time on another blog wants us all to believe that the blame for this crisis needs to be spread evenly.

Yet they can't admit that this is a failure of the central tenet of their free-market dogma.

It's a bit like saying "True there is no Jesus Christ, but look how great the Catholic Church is".

Anyway, the only reason anyone wants us to believe this is a time for bipartisanship is because if we make this partisan the republicans will lose the election. And if McCain wins do you really think they'll continue the calls for bipartisanship? My ass.