Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Grampa Meets Kids at the Airport

If that don't beat all.
If all John McCain has to do is teen pregnancy counseling/damage control, is he really the right man for the job?
He actually met the pregnant young pups at the Minneapolis airport himself? He has no minions to fetch them and bring them to him?
How I'd love to know what he said as he put the vulcan death grip on Levi's arm.

"Now lissen, ya goddamn little jerk, unless you want the feds to find a kilo of cocaine in the glove compartment of your goddamn snowmobile or whatever the fuck you 'skeemos drive up in that god fersaken hellhole Alaska, yer gonna show up tonight in a suit, with a shave and your gonna look enthusiastic, ya got that mister?"


Anonymous said...

hey kids!!!
git yer dinky stinky without protection, knock up yer girlfriend, and you, too, can have a rethuglican candidate for preznit come out to meetcha on the tarmac!
good to see captain underpants spending his time wisely. he has just spent as much time with a high school hockey player as he did with his veep choice before he picked her as his running mate.

Randal Graves said...

It's obvious that John McCain has the courage of a POW to be pro-family.

Did I miss anything?

Unknown said...


Fran said...

Puking hard!!!

I am telling you -this will be Christian right photo op central.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the McCain campaign is honoring that much desired privacy.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Yeah- nothing says privacy like a public meeting, outdoors with a Secret Service attachment.

Unknown said...

Y'all are killing me... laughing so hard at hypocrisy stacked upon hypocrisy. Does Granoaw McLame think that 2 hypocrisies make no hypocrisy?

Jess Wundrun said...

Let's see.

Bristol is five months pregnant. Counting backwards makes the date of conception March or April. Bristol was, according to them, still out of school with mono.

If the mono was so bad, (a record setting five month illness) wouldn't young Levi had caught it? I'm being nice and assuming that they probably kissed a little before knocking mukluks.

Just one more piece that does not add up.

Anonymous said...

McCaint likes him because it looks like the kid has the same stiff arm thing as McCaint.

Anonymous said...

You mean the same stiff thing, don't ya?

Distributorcap said...

i bet mccain is filling him on larry craig