Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whining Sack of Shit

It's hard to believe McCain is so weak and has so little to offer, he's trying to make a big fat thing out of Obama using the same phrase he's used many times himself.
Fact is, even if Obama was referring to Palin (which he wasn't) when he said, "It's like putting lipstick on a pig," so what?
She is a pig.
Pig, dog, goat, whatever- she's unfit to lead and McCain's a fucking hypocrite who's Bush's carbon copy.
Fuck these fucking fucks.


JimBob said...

you, uh, you in a bad mood, kz?


JimBob said...

hey kz, send me your email addie! i have an old one, evidently.

unless yer just ignoring my which case i'll have to get cindy mccain over to pummel you with large piles of money.

Karen Zipdrive said...

JimBob, it's the same as ever
And nope, not in a bad mood, I'm just sick of these lying GOP porkers getting by with their whiny bullshit.
That old fart needs to man-up, shut up and get on with what's left of his life.

JimBob said...

heh heh heh. Looks like even Ron Paul can't stomach the McCain/Palin ticket:

Anonymous said...

Another day, another distraction to keep us off message.

Bush=McCain, what about the economy, the war, health care and of course the economy?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I love it when you get mean and nasty. Grr baby, grrr.

Fran said...

He looks great when he is most himself...

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to announce I just bought the latest issue of the Enquirer with a story about Sarah Palin the adultress on the cover.
Let them know that Sarah dish sells mags. Encourage them.

Unknown said...

Great photo of the Po-fucking-w I think.

I know, we are supposed to stand in awe of his time in the POW camp. Fine, but that batshit crazy sumbitch has no business running our nation.

With or without his little dog Palin. ;) IS you!

Anonymous said...

what the hell? i left a comment before, and now i see that it's not here! let me see if i can recreate such brilliance!
i agree with bigsis. this is just more distraction. the dems need to learn how to own the news cycle like the rethugs do. the whole lipstick thing was just bullshit, but nicolle wallace knows that she can shriek sexism, and the talking heads will react like pavlov's dogs. the dems can't allow the rethugs to take them off-message, which should be economy, economy, economy! they should shrug off crap like today's nonsense by saying something like, if the other side thinks of sister sarah whenever the word pig is used, then they need to apologize to her. then those at the highest levels should ignore her entirely.
karen, i went to the supermarket this evening, and i saw the enquirer in the check-out line, and read the article while i was waiting. i was going to buy it, but i put it back. i never read it, but i had to see what they said about her. on one hand, i should have bought it to mark my approval of them writing smack about her, but, on the other hand, leaving it there means that a lot of other people will see the headline.

Anonymous said...

Karen.... I need some advice! The lies and bullshit coming out of the Bush/Rove/McPain campaign are LITERALLY manifesting themselves as crippling migraines and severely elevated blood pressure! Shockingly, even your soothingly seductive observations are providing precious little relief! Please, my old friend, HELP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brett. Start a blog.
Get those feelings out of your head and onto the Internets.
Masturbation also helps.

Anonymous said...

bretinpdx, I have the same problem.

So I've asked my friends to send me any and only stuff that shows that McCain/Palin are starting to reveal themselves to the general public as the assholes that they are.

Like the interview with McCain on The View. It'll not just tickle your fancy, it'll make you want to sing a happy song.