Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bristol's Little Drinking Issues

It seems new pictures are popping up of Bristol Palin and her little gal pals getting into the liquor cabinet. Dusty has more on her blog, listed to the right. -->

Yep, nothin' goes together like unprotected premarital sex and alcohol, and we know lil' Bristol has done at least one.
This is where the story gets a little deep, so bear with me.

1. I still think Trig is Bristol and Levi's baby.
2. I still think Bristol got pregnant again immediately after giving birth. I think that shocker triggered a cover-up.
3. It's documented fact that Alaska has a teen pregnancy problem, along with lots of alcohol and drug abuse issues among Alaskans of all age groups. I have a hunch Bristol and Levi are part of that statistic. I know Todd Palin has an alcohol history, he has a DUI conviction under his belt, and I know alcoholism can have a genetic aspect, particularly among native Alaskans. Todd Palin is part native Alaskan.
4. How do we know Trig has Down Syndrome? Just because Sarah Palin said?
5. How do we know the baby doesn't have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, brought on by alcohol abuse during conception and continued through the critical first trimester?
6. Wouldn't calling it Down Syndrome be a convenient way to tie in a "mother" being over 40?
7. The radical right-wing fundamentalists may be able to forgive a teen pregnancy, but could they ever forgive an unwed teen giving birth to a baby with FAS, then getting pregnant immediately afterwards?

I think the story Palin told about Bristol being pregnant is true, but I think she's only 3-3.5 months pregnant.
I think the photos we've all seen already show Bristol with a bulging belly late last year.
I think the photos we've seen of Sarah Palin with a flat belly in her alleged 7th month of pregnancy prove she was not pregnant. It is possible to pad your clothing to look pregnant, but it is impossible to hide a pregnant belly and make it appear flat.

Here's what I need to see before I drop this bone;

-Trig's birth certificate, authenticated by a disinterested party
-A doctors sworn statement that lists Trig's retardation as Down Syndrome and not Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Too many sites have been taken down and too many unanswered questions remain. I think it's time for Sarah Palin to put an end to these rumors by proving them wrong via documented proof.

We know she's a liar, so why should we take her word for anything?


herisson said...

May be I am too French ( children used to be off limits in French electoral campaings) but I dont think this matters at all.
If I were American, I'd be more concerned about where she stands on monetary policy, budget deficit,immigration and free trade

Anonymous said...

i would agree with you if politicians didn't use their families as props. once they trot them out onstage, i think all bets are off. if palin didn't want this attention brought to her daughter, then she should have left her home. instead, the campaign decided to put bristol up there and tried to lie to the public about her condition by hiding her belly with a baby blanket. if they try to lie about something like this at the very beginning, what are they going to try to lie about next?

Anonymous said...

Sonia, when the Republicans ignore the issues and instead rely on "values voters" (people who select candidates based on shared values rather than the issues) then they should be held accountable when their stated values do not match their actual lives.
Palin claims to be an evangelical Christian who is anti abortion, anti gun control, anti sex education in schools, anti gay, pro gun, pro death penalty and all those other things the religious lunatics hold dear.
The rightwing candidates keep getting by with pretending to be moral and family oriented when they are not, and their gullible followers fall for it every time.
John Mc Cain made some despicable sexist jokes about Chelsea Clinton when she was a minor, yet they go insane when their kids are mentioned.
Turnabout is fair play and they can't keep cheating and winning.
The stakes are too high.

Unknown said...

Before the MySpace page of Bristol's and Levi's friends were made private, I read a bunch of the comments the kids made to each other. Nearly every other one (or closer to 75%) talked about getting fucked up, drunk, hanging out, and being bored out of their fucking minds.

Not a good combination.

So like you've said, nothing to do but party and fuck. Here's the results. If Palin was a good mother why is her daughter running around drinking, getting pregnante (probably twice as you say) before she even reaches 18?

Some "family values."

Keep chompin' that bone 'cause it's going to come out soon.

You should add to your list of demands the hospital records of the birth, not just the birth certificate.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I suspect all the meat will be off the bone by the weekend.
She's getting Britney-ized, remember?

Unknown said...

Well, then, I guess she'd better start letting her infant sit on her lap w/out a seatbelt, go without panties or pants and gain 25 lbs.

Karen Zipdrive said...

You think Levi's gonna go through with the shotgun wedding after Palin loses her job and can no longer get the cops to force him into it?

Unknown said...

NO way. That guy ain't 19-year-old daddy material. And I think your alcohol abuse conjecture is SPOT ON.

It's a way of life there. Ugh. Get married in order to be able to have a sex life, pop out some stupid kids, get abused by an alcoholic hubby... and a big time out is shopping at WalMart.


(disclaimer: If I've just described your lifestyle and you are happy with it, no offense intended.)

Independent said...

Oh My- Shades of Jenna and Barbara.

Now THAT'S change we can all believe in.

Drag everyone you can to the polls on Nov 4- just tell them they have to save the Country.

You wouldn't be lying.

Jess Wundrun said...

I'll shamelessly blogwhore myself: If Levi is 18 and Bristol 17 (how old when impregnated) Doesn't that make ol' Levi a felon statutory rapist?

If he knocked boots with anyone else he'd be on a sexual predators list right now, and that would stick for a long long time.

Unknown said...

Someone at Sadly, No already linked to the AK statutes... Sadly, No... it's OK to hook up at 16 in AK! But I think it said something about parental discretion. And they've blessed the union by gushing about their marriage.

I guess that means if he suddenly decides that perhaps he doesn't quite feel like fulfilling his new fatherly duties, and cut and run, he could well end up with a roommate named Bubba instead of enduring a shotgun wedding.

enigma4ever said...

Over at Questions I have everything- on the Blogroll- even the hospital birth records and DR records- BOTH score a big zero for Palin...

Distributorcap said...

you know you are in trouble if your kids make Jenna and not-Jenna look like the Bobsey Twins

Anonymous said...


i haven't had a good look at the baby yet. As the father of an adopted son who suffers from FASD, I can say without a doubt there ius a huge difference between FASD and Downs. Most FASD children present as normal. Dustin, our 13 year old looks every bit the young teen because physically he is. When we took Dustin in as a foster child he was 6 years old, but mentally and emotionally he was still in the terrible twos. Here it is seven years later, we have adopted him and mentally and emotionally, he has only advanced to four - maybe five in some aspects. It is a long slow struggle that we deal with every single day.

I simply want people to be aware that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder is the ONLY 100% preventable birth defect. All it takes to prevent it is for the mother not to consume any alcohol at all during pregnancy. I don't believe that is too much to ask for a child you will be bringing into the world.

Now that my little public service announcement is over.

Damn, I hope that Us magazine cover story absolutely destroys the McCain campaign. At the very least, McCain should be forced into dumping Palin. From that point on his judgment will be the real issue of the campaign.

By the way, I composed a new limerick for Palin over at my place you might like.

Anonymous said...

Robert, thank you so much for explaining to people about fetal alchol syndrome disorder.
Some people thought I was being insensitive for even mentioning it, like it's an insult to say a baby might have FASD instead of Down Syndrome.
But it is within the realm of possibility, given circumstantial evidence, and I stand by my statements.
As for you and your wife, it's a noble thing you've done to adopt Dustin and I wish you all good things in your desire to be a good parent to him.

Anonymous said...

Young teens in Alaska who are addicted to alcohol should probably undergo counseling. It can help them make a wise decision by refusing alcohol consumption.