Saturday, September 06, 2008

Make No Mistake About It.

If it had been one of Obama's daughters who got knocked up at age 16 by some thug with a profane Face Book page, the right wing would have come unglued and dropped all semblance of pretending not to be racist.
I mean, consider this...
Palin already has been overheard calling Obama "Sambo," so a teen pregnancy with a Black baby daddy would be all it took for these honky crackers to let it fly.
James Dobson would have wet himself trying to get to his press conference in time to condemn the Obamas on the evening news.
The Obamas would have been portrayed as this crowd:

But consider this.
How do you think Michelle Obama would react if one of her daughters showed up knocked-up? Well, I'll tell you what she'd do, as Bill Mahar said, she'd knock the black off that kid.
If you like "family values," in your candidates, I suggest you vote for a family that actually has them.


Unknown said...

I watched Maher last night and was in agreement with him.

That fuckwit Steele really jerked my chain..can the Rethugs be any more vague when discussing issues or the like? Christ..

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy is maddening. If we're angry liberals, I think that's the key reason. Just like everything else, the right has co-opted and cowed the media by turning reality upside down and accusing the media of liberal bias. To fend off that label, the media overcompensates by being harder on the Democrats.

Distributorcap said...

as bad as you think it would be if obama had apregnant teen daughter -- it would be worse

and the media would join in

remember - republicnas united over their hatred of dems

what a lovely country

Anonymous said...

just think how different things would be if the father of bristol's baby was black! the rethugs would fall over each other vying to be the one to drive her to the abortion clinic.

Anonymous said...

It's not new, sis. It's what elected the likes of George W. Bush.