Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Pregnant Governor!

Here's the deal.
I've decided that the truth is, Bristol Palin is Trig's mother, and she's pregnant again.
Unless someone shows proof of a birth certificate signed by an MD that verifies that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig Paxon Van Palen, I say she lied about Trig's birth to hide the fact that Bristol made the same mistake twice within the the same 12 months.
My own mother was born in January and her sister was born in November of the same year. So I know it happens.

I think Sarah Palin lied about returning funds for the Bridge to Nowhere.
I think she lied about trying to get her ex brother-in-law fired.
I think she lied about why she fired the police commissioner.
And I think she's lying about Trig.


Anonymous said...

and is her name really sarah? is she really john mccain's illegitimate daughter as well as cindy lou's half-sister? are those real lenses or just plain glass? is that a hairpiece, or is her hairdresser a heterosexual?
tune in tomorrow for another episode of as the worm turns!!
~cue organ music~

Anonymous said...


Over at my place I posted a couple of audio pieces on Palin. One is her laughing at a shock jock making fun of a political rival's wieght and cancer.

The other is the reason she quit lying about asking Bailey to interfere with Wooten.

Lulu Maude said...

Actually, this sort of lie probably won't cost her votes, if she survives the week, that is...

Lying to keep your kid from being called a hooer is probably a virtue in Sarah's circles.

Perhaps Mary Kay Letourneau would be willing to run in her place.

Lulu Maude said...

p.s. Ain't had this much fun since the pigs et m' little brother.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Lulu, I'm not so sure about that. This story reached a blogworld groundswell on Saturday morning and hit the MSM by Monday afternoon.
I see very few bloggers who have relented after the announcement that the teenager is pregnant.
I think most know there's still more to the story.

And if babygate doesn't get her troopergate will.

Fran said...

No one could have made this shit up. It is unreal.

I just worry that it could blowback in an ugly way. I know I am a cynic.

Anonymous said...

Oh she took the bridge to nowhere money, but after she got it she said Alaska should spend it on more needed items and spent it on other things. Which was easy to do since the public had already complained at the useless expense. Maybe she spent it on some of her famous helicopter wolf kills.

I also think that if the Trig is hers, she did all in her power to naturally abort that child e.g. walk in spike heeled boots on icy streets, exercise to the max, drink coffee, travel on a plane at 7 months, do nothing and risk infection after her water broke, and god knows what else.

Someone already asked the question but I'll repeat it: If she doesn't believe in abortion under any circumstances, why did she even have the amnio to determine the health of the fetus?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Brilliant questions, sis. No wonder you're a lawyer.
Yep, her actions (if she was pregnant) are suspicious as hell.

Anonymous said...

i am wondering if sister sarah is going to last the week. i think she is going to be under pressure to get out, and she will use the excuse of protecting her poor innocent daughter. of course, that didn't occur to her before she accepted capt underpants's proposal to be his running mate. now i wonder who they will choose to replace her. the exorcist, bobby jindal? is that why they focused on gustav instead of having a real convention? mittsie? he is probably peeing in his pants as he waits in the wings. does he go for another woman? if so, who?
the rethugs will spin this into the dems being big meanies and forcing the righteous sister sarah to step down, instead of capt underpants fucking up his very first executive decision. the dems have to come back hard and scream from the rooftops that capt u failed miserably when he finally made a decision and how impulsive he is.

Anonymous said...

Jess Wundrun said...

I absolutely agree with you. "About five months" pregnant means that her due date will fall after the November election. About four months pregnant means her due date will fall after they've been sworn in.

I believe that Sarah said to her daughter 'what, again? And that old story just won't work twice.

I also completely agree with DCup as to why this is an important story.

As others have said: just show us the birth certificate.

Unknown said...


I love the smell of burning Rethuglicans in the morning. ;)