Thursday, September 04, 2008

Time to Ante Up

I got an e-mail from frequent commenter Big Sis last night. She happens to be my big sister in real life and she's a very skilled attorney in the field of victim's rights.
After hearing Palin's outrageously insulting comedy routine last night, she wrote and said she usually only donates $25 or so to political campaigns, but the minute Palin was done, she sent Obama $100.
When I read that, I did too.
If you can afford it, please donate.
If you cannot afford it, please attach an Obama/Biden sticker to your car, or put a yard sign in your lawn or front window.
We're all in this together, and the McCain/Palin ticket is starting to look a lot more radical right than even Dick and Bush.


enigma4ever said...

You are right- I got an email from the Campaign at 4am- and I too am sending money- this is going to be much much uglier than any of us dreamed....

Over at Watergate Summer, I have blogged EVERYTHING about Palin- her Church, her Sessionist Group ( complete with her speaking to them this year), and how she cut funding to woman and children....I am adding your blog to the blogroll and also sending people here today...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Enigma, I usually only allow one link per customer. Would you prefer a link to "Questions" or "Watergate"?

Randal Graves said...

Bah. I don't care how radical they are, they still don't eat human flesh like Cheney. Lightweights.

Anonymous said...

I was horrified beyond words today. Went to lunch with my 5 fave g'friends from work. We sat down and they started right in on how FABULOUS and witty they thought Palin was!! Said she was what the R's needed to rev up their campaign. WTF, these are strong, independent, and extremely well educated young women with great minds and good hearts? All I could do was warn them about all the dangers I could think of if she and McCain won. I think they listened out of fear because my ears may have been bleeding by then from shear anger. But mostly knowing they embraced Palin scared the living hell out of me.

She brings out the redneck-white-trash in people just like W brings out the idiot-asshole in people. We should be afraid, we should be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

I think after her emotionally charged, substanceless speech last night, a lot of casual political observers were entertained and energized by her forceful personality and wit. I've described her as Rosanne Barr, only better looking.
But this week both "US Weekly" and "The National Enquirer" have her featured on their covers, with highly unflattering headlines and lurid tales of her true character.
I recall how energized I was by Obama's speech the day after he gave it. But a few days later, I forgot the specifics and just recalled the feeling it gave me.
If a scandal came up about him, like wife beating or bribery or something morally reprehensible, I think I could turn on him in a heartbeat.
Same goes for Palin.
We need to keep reminding others that she is more rabidly right-wing than anything the GOP has dished up so far.
The woman wanted Harry Potter books banned from the Wasilla Public Library and THREATENED the librarian's job for not immediately obeying.
Soon I'll be posting some ideas on how to react to people who need to know the truth... BEFORE THEY VOTE.

Anonymous said...

Heh- CNN is running back to back feature stories about Palin's Troopergate and her Rove-written speech.

Just goes to show you, you call the media a bunch of liberal assholes and you'll eventually get your wish granted.

Anonymous said...

Obama's camp has raised more than $8 million since last night.
Let's make it $10 million by the weekend, shall we?

Matthew Hubbard said...

The campaign office in Berkeley is having a grand opening tonight and I'm going in to volunteer. I might be able to spare a few bucks, too, but I did send in $100 back when we got our $600 bribes from the Feds back in the spring.

Anonymous said...

How did y'all get $600? I only got $300, and I barely had any income. :(

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a relief.
Palin may have energized the GOP last night, but tonight McCain managed to put everyone back to sleep.
At ease.
Carry on.

Mauigirl said...

Very true - McCain is no inspiring speaker, for sure.

I think the GOP convention was one big fundraiser for Obama! (I sent in a donation tonight too!)

Distributorcap said...

for the first time
obama is getting some bucks from this boy

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a bumper stick. I've NEVER done a bumper sticker.

I read that he collected $10mil from 130,000 people after Palin's screed.

Anonymous said...

I gave at least $50 during the past 2 weeks. And like you, I donated the second Palin left the podium. I will be donating every week or 2 'til the election.

dguzman said...

So many great points to hit on here!

First--holy shite, Jill Biden and Michelle Obama are hot.

Second--BigSis, I've seen a lot of intelligent women claiming they "admire" Palin for her spunkiness or whatever the fuck. I don't get it either.

Third--Jill Biden is really hot.

Fourth--I'm definitely giving Obama some money.

Fifth--The Bidens have a lesbian daughter who is also hot!

Utah Savage said...

I give once a month to the Obama Campaign. I went yesterday to Obama headquarters in SLC to get new yard signs. I have planted the neighborhood with old, primary Obama yard signs, but now everyone wants a new one. The new signs will be in town ten days from now. I bought a T Shirt. I'm doing my small part.

Anonymous said...

Utah that's no small part- you're an inspiration to us all.
Keep up the great work.