Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain at the Debate

Of course I'm going to call the first debate for Obama, but I have reasons for that decision and here they are.

1. McCain said nothing to convince me his policies would be any different than those of Bush, the worst president in American history.
2. McCain was rude and condescending. Refusing to even look at Obama was either a sign of disrespect or an inferiority complex, neither of which are desirable in a president.
3. I'd much rather hear an argument where one party acknowledges similar views than hear someone keep saying, "he just doesn't get it." With McCain's views dovetailing Bush's 90% of the time, it's he who just doesn't get it.
4. I am sick of watching McCain's grouchy expressions and hearing his grumbling speech. He's not the image we want the world seeing at the helm of American government.
5. McCain is too goddamn old. He couldn't get a management job at any Fortune 500 country for a reason: his age.
6. McCain is tied in too much with the failed policies of the past. They didn't work. They won't work. Either evolve or move over, old man.
7. He had to mention his POW status again. Forty years is a long time- get over it, you bitter old bastard.
8. McCain whimpered when he mentioned loving the veterans. Yet he voted against every bill to enhance their care and benefits. He's a stinking liar who betrayed the veterans and the record reflects that.
9. Trickle down economics was how Reagan began America's economic decline, and it has proven to be a miserably failed policy. McCain still believes in it. That makes him stubborn and stupid.
10. When McCain quickly answered, "Sure!" when asked if he'd vote for the bailout bill, that reply totally negated his phony claims of "suspending his campaign" to rush back to DC to work on the solution. The GOP could ask for $700 zillion and McCain would vote for it, probably without bothering to read it.
11. Any claims McCain made about creating a framework for sustainable energy laws were fraudulent. He hasn't bothered to vote in the Senate on anything involving energy for the last year or more. He couldn't care less about his words not matching his deeds.
12. McCain didn't mention that the surge involved bribing warring factions not to fight in Iraq on a daily basis with cash. That's the dirty secret no Republican wants you to hear.
13. McCain thinks that 'muddling through' in Afghanistan was and is a workable plan. He's woefully out of touch on that.
14. McCain seems to think that his lack of Senatorial congeniality- even among his GOP peers- is an advantage of some sort. Taking pride in not getting along with others is not a positive character trait, it is a flaw that nobody should accept as acceptable behavior.
15. Blaming, lying about and insulting one's opponent is not a campaign strategy, it is a sign of McCain having no plans of his own to address the myriad issues that plague our nation today, so he tried to put the focus elsewhere.
Fortunately, focusing on Obama's measured replies and composure under pressure made him seem more temperamentally suited to lead our nation.

To McCain's credit, he didn't make an outright fool of himself with any major gaffes last night. But neither did he say anything that distinguished him significantly from George W. Bush.

If anyone actually approves of the last 8 years under Bush's "leadership," then they should by all means vote for McCain. Simply put, McCain=Bush.
Make no mistake about that.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

No mentions of the middle class, way to go Gramps.

Fran said...

What middle class? It is gone.

I fell asleep 20 minutes into the debate, but what I saw and what I have seen today just illustrates how hateful and out of touch McCain is.

Karen Zipdrive said...

McCain only knows that a very few have a hell of a lot, and everyone else is there to cater to him because his mother was rich, his wife is rich, he was a POW and therefore better than you.

Anonymous said...

Felt a little better after reading distributorcap's blog re polling. It reminded me how much things have changed just in the last 4 yrs. Unless the pollsters are texting the under 30 crowd, their input is probably not showing up in the polls.

Hope that's the case - a whole bunch of younger people need to step up and vote in one of their own -

Unknown said...

RIGHT ON KAREN ZIPDRIVE!! I love this post so much, seeing all that in a list enumerated just makes it so much clearer.

I spewed a sip of Chardonnay over "6. McCain is tied in too much with the failed policies of the past. They didn't work. They won't work. Either evolve or move over, old man."

Anonymous said...

The way he behaved, I think his briefs were too tight.

I was quite shocked to learn that he isn't the Senate's Miss Congeniality.

Unknown said...

This just in: My stalker/troll emailed me to brag about his post claiming that Erin Brokovich is hailing Ms. Moosemeat as a serious contender!! LOL!! The desperation is so palpable I could cut it with an axe!

Maybe Brokovich reads Paglia, that dried up old jealous faux-feminist who also thinks Mooselini is the new paragon of the feminist movement (because we all know that to be a true feminist, you should remove as many womens' rights as humanly possible). Holy shit, I am laughing so hard...

Anonymous said...

capt underpants was nasty old grampa telling the same damned old war stories that he has told a thousand times before. he was petulant and nasty, and i kept thinking that at any moment, there was going to a close-up on capt u's face and a voiceover that said i should have used preparation H!

Distributorcap said...

you guys are killing me!