Friday, September 12, 2008

No Country for Dirty Old Men

Many of you aren't old enough to recall Richard Nixon in action. Like McCain, he was quick to anger and he did not like to be questioned.
When faced with blunt questioning, he would start to sweat profusely, his eyes darted from side to side and he peppered his replies with a lot of umms and errs and uhhs.
In a recently released video clip I saw on HuffPo, McCain tries to explain Sarah Palin charging the taxpayers for trips between the capitol and her home in Wasilla.
His gibberish reply boggled the mind, but what was most telling was his twitchy Nixonian body language.
I can appreciate even a Republican with a facile style of lying and equivocating, but this old fart no longer has the brain cells to be even slightly quick on his feet.
This is the man people want to have his tremulous finger near the red button?
This is the man whose ashen visage predicts an early demise, only to be replaced by Sarah Palin?!?

Folks, he's played out.
And his careless choice for a VP is nothing short of frightening.

To his credit, the usually affable Charlie Gibson was stern and blunt in his interview with Sarah Palin.
She, like my pal Nonnie put it, answered questions like a junior high girl who obviously didn't read the assignment.
So carefully rehearsed was she (on some topics), she reiterated certain replies with verbatim robotics.

She's basically Bush with better grammar.
She also another Dick Cheney, only with a bigger gun and more right-wing extremism.


Randal Graves said...

In other words, the next eight years will be even funner! Yay!

Lulu Maude said...

My spouse has an ongoing stomach ache from this campaign. Palin has worsened it considerably.

We're on something of a campaign news blackout in our shelter from the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm with lulu's husband on this one - I have to stop reading/listening or I become nauseous.

BUT, I need to say that I apologize for everything I've ever said about The View women, and Zip knows I've said some things.

Huff Post has the video of them asking McCain why he approves lying about Obama in his commercials. You could almost hear his colostomy bag squish shut when Joy and Barbara cornered his old ass. And Whoopie had the best shit eating grin on her face I've ever seen.

Its not much, but little by little these two frauds are revealing themselves and its such a pleasure to watch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about referring to lulu's "husband" - that was thoughtless.

But as an apology, here's some feel good reading for lulu's spouse and everyone else:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I saw those clips from The View and those bitches pulled no punches with McCainbush. He was nervous as Levi Johnston with a home pregnancy kit surrounded by those old crows.
Good for them!
And Elisabeth Hasslewhore didn't have much to say, the silly twit.

Unknown said...

The View videos are a thing of beauty. Now, if only our journalists can get even one ounce of their bravery and do likewise.

Anonymous said...

captain underpants is a combination of the furtiveness of nixon and the addled confusion of reagan.
if there is no other reason to vote against the underpants/princess sarah ticket, consider this--does anyone really want to listen to either one of these morons speak for the next 4 years? his bumbling drone and her screech. oy! it's auditory hell!

Distributorcap said...

and america continues its big sleep --- why do i feel such a lack of confidence

Unknown said...

There were points in the cough..interview where I waited for her to pull out her little cue cards..jesus.

Unknown said...

K, is IKE gonna make your life miserable dear? Just thinking of you. :)

Anonymous said...

Nah- Ike decided to vacation in Galveston and Houston.
We are hosting thousands of evacuees here and gas prices are rising by the hour, otherwise we may get a few raindrops and little else.