Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Press? Okay, Then No Photos, Bitch.

The media has finally had enough.

With the McCain camp insisting that the media be allowed to photograph Palin but not ask her any questions or cover her meetings with "foreign dignitaries," the media finally grew a pair and said thanks but no thanks to Palin's ridiculously trivial, self aggrandizing photo ops.

Fuck that moose murdering bitch.
Are we supposed to be that gullible, to think it's okay that the ignorant bitch doesn't have to answer media questions or be accountable for anything but a semi-pretty face?

Yeah, well. If Palin looked like her shitty personality, here's what we'd see:

I say: no, no, no!


Randal Graves said...

The media grew a pair? Oh, why must ye lie?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

She looks much better all blurry.

Anonymous said...

The few pix I saw were of old codgers smiling at her like she just agreed to blow them. In fact, I think she'd just finished Kissinger when they got the pic of them together. I'd bet a bundle that most people will see the pix and think Palin could use her charm to get the US whatever we wanted. I hate the bitch, period.

Anonymous said...

why don't the media get so pissy when it is the american people who are being dissed? they only react when they are not being catered to. if the media had been allowed in, i bet you anything they would have described her as the new madeline albright. that said, i will take what i can get.

Fran said...

Gibson asked Palin if she'd EVER met with a Foreign dignitary or leader of another country before. Sarah Louise got that deer in the headlights look in her eyes. Dammit Charlie! Ask me about being a beauty queen.
So this little foray into the UN ---gave hrr the chance to meet & mingle= so next time she is asked that question, she can name a list of people she's met-- al under the safeguard of no media. I bet they provided handlers with hand signals of what to say.

Hey! She can even cut oil deals as Gov of Alaska!
All this secrecy means Palin ain't ready for prime time. Sure she could deliver the scripted sound bites to a room of oil hungry republicans- but she can't pull that shit w the press or in debates.

Some idiot wrote an editorial in our paper that Alaska is 241 x bigger than Delaware- that size matters.

I wrote a rebbutal saying Delaware has a larger population than Alaska, and Biden has 35 years of experience on the Senate Foreign Affairs committee. Palin has Zero. Foreign Affair experience. Decisions Decisions.

Even McCain has been closed mouthed when asked about the financial crisis.
One reporter asked him if the bus is now called the NO TALK EXPRESS?

Unknown said...

that pic looks like some watery tart.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see that Campbell Brown called out the campaign for hiding Palin away like a delicate flower. Either she can handle the job or she fucking can't.

Unknown said...

DCup, I heartily agree and FYI (especially you women) Melissa McEwan at Shakesville did an excellent post on Campbell's broadcast today.